After the Olympics, I just wanted to keep the great feeling and to make it last.

I had a birthday while the 2012 London games were on, but I also had two other birthdays to remember; the 29th July for my son Leigh who would of been 27, and on the 4th August my daughter Hayley would of been 29 in this year.

The days would usually be spent moping around for the loss of my two children, but instead I had laughter and tears over the Sportsmen & Women taking part. Winning our first gold…… what a moment that was; Helen Glover and Heather Stanning in the Rowing where I cried (tears of joy) with them for their win, what a great feeling, I just didn’t want it to end!

Now I was well hooked into Team GB’s journey and I found myself talking about & living with the games, watching sports that I would not usually watch and shouting for our Athletes as they compete.

My Journey now continues by following the sports that inspired me most and the Athletes that won for GB and were awarded Gold Post Boxes for their brilliant efforts.

I have already been offered sponsorship to follow this journey and anybody else who wants to join this campaign, please follow my progress and pay directly to either your own charity of choice or to the following charities who are fighting to prevent people like me, who have lost two children to these terrible diseases:

As they sang in the Closing Ceremony, “Always look on the bright side of life” and after this uplifting experience, that I just did not want to end, I will now follow my Journey and hope you will join me on my website and on Twitter.


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