GOSH! I’m not dreaming….In Rio

Proud to get this stamp


First impressions don’t always count – on landing at Galeão Airport, in Rio de Janeiro, only to discover that the arranged lift was not available. This led to a journey off over 2 hours with a taxi driver that couldn’t speak English, taking a route that was hard to digest and it still holds a lasting impression in my mind.  it was also the opening ceremony night in the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro and the realisation that attending was not to be …..

GOSH – was not expecting to have this vision of Brazil on route from the airport to our  hotel ….


The start of a Rio experience is like a dream: but I am not dreaming….


Gosh – here in Rio for the Paralympic Games and intending to visit seven events!

Feeling like a millionaire, safe and surrounded by so many great athletes – how amazing is that!