Paralympic Games Rio 2016

It happened! – So…so lucky and a good decision to follow my dreams along with our athletes to Rio. An experience that was far better than expected, feeling the love of the Brazilian people and the athletes joys and tears – what a lovely way to wake up surrounded by ūüĆü’s.

Life was definitely full of different pictures, smiles and laughter everyday, full of unbelievable memories never to be forgotten – Rio was truly a life changing experience, witnessing¬†athletes competing in the Paralympics and overcoming challenges in a good way; loving life and not wanting¬†this feeling to end…..

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GOSH! I’m not dreaming….In Rio

Proud to get this stamp


First impressions don’t always count – on landing at¬†Gale√£o Airport, in Rio de Janeiro, only to discover¬†that the arranged lift was not available. This led to a journey off over 2 hours with a taxi driver that couldn’t speak English, taking a route that was hard to digest and it still holds a lasting impression in my mind. ¬†it was also the opening ceremony night in the¬†Maracan√£ Stadium, Rio de Janeiro¬†and the¬†realisation that attending was not to be …..

GOSH – was not expecting to have this vision of Brazil on route from the airport to our ¬†hotel ….


The start of a Rio experience is like a dream: but I am not dreaming….


Gosh – here in Rio for the Paralympic Games and intending to visit seven events!

Feeling like a millionaire, safe and surrounded by so many great athletes – how amazing is that!

Torch Ceremony

An Incredible day and night as Stoke Mandeville Stadium when the Paralympic Carnival came to town and the Heritage Flame was lit to signify the final countdown to the Paralympic Games in Rio!

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On the Road to Rio

This road of great memories is still living on and now it takes me onto an unbelievable dream that is so close but is about to come true with being part of the Paralympics in Rio.

It all started back in 2012 from seeing Helen Glover and Heather Stanning win GB’s 1st gold medal; theirs and my tears of joy, with that incredible release that I was not alone with an overwhelming feeling of togetherness. As the Olympic games continued and then watching the Paralympics, the feel good feeling continued to grow showing that anything was possible with the athletes overcoming challenges and their determination was from within, inspiring a magic feeling that is holding a special place in my life – still continuing to make wonderful memories …

It’s a big THANK YOU to all the athletes….

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